Daifuku Corporation

Target Area:
Area: ASEAN Countries
Recuitment Information:
Type of job recruitment: Non-Technical Position Technical Position
Name of job type: Non-Technical Position and Technical Position
Number of recruitment: Non-Technical Position:1-2  Technical Position:1-2
Business Content: The strength of Daifuku is our continuous engagement in customer logistics.
We have the mission to "support the production of customers" and "be responsible for the artery part of human lives".
If the systems offered by us stop, then it will bring the world logistic with a huge impact.
With the mission to be the support to the world, the pride of manufacture and customer first philosophy, we want to co-work with everybody.
Non-technical job type: sales, admin/HR, finance, legal, ad, etc
Technical job type:
Career path, capabilities
&skills to acquire after on-board:
We expect you to have a good command of the basics as the employee of Daifuku through 5-month freshmen collective training (manner training, company culture understanding, practice in factory or field, etc) after on-board.
We provide all kinds of on-job and off-job ability development for you to be the talent who can perform proactively in the global market in the future after having a good command of capabilities in Japan.
Work place: Osaka
Other bases nation wide

* You will be allocated to every business department after new employee trainings
Character Needed: 1. The person who can use his own words to express his/her idea
2. The person who can take challenge to anything;
3. The person who can continue to work till the end
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above   PhD is not considered
Major: No requirement on department and major
Area of Expertise: Technical position: Mechanical department, electrical/electronics department, information engineering department, construction/civil department
Non-technical position: no requirement.
Level of Japanese : Daily Conversation
Supplement on language level: English: Above CET4
Scheduled on-board date: Apr, 2018 or October, 2018
Interview Time&Place :
Recommendation for
graduated students:
Background for employment of global talents: Currently, 60% of our sales are from outside of Japan, within which, half are contributed by Asia.
Every business department is looking for the employee who can proactively perform with diversified values in global market, while aiming to enhance the business overseas.

Pay: First year offer: JPY 211,000/M for the undergradutes (non technical position) / JPY 228,000/M for the graduates (2016)
Bonus: Twice a year (Jul/Dec)
Traffic allowance: Traffic allowance
Housing allowance: Yes
Monthly Housing allowance: According to the rules and regulations of company
Dormitory: Yes
Employee burdened amount
for dormitory/company house:
According to the rules and regulations of company
Work Time: 8:30~17:00 (Business office 9:00~17:30)/partial flexible time system
Flexible system: Yes
Vacation System: Complete 2-day weekly vacation system (Sat/Sun), national holiday
Paid leaves (10 days for the 1st year)
Winter/summer consecutive leaves, special leave for marriage and funeral
Half-day paid leave, flexible vacation
Annual vacation days: 123 days (Y 2013)
Welfare: Rest house/Biako, Hakone, Togakushi
Dorm for the singles/Tokyo, Komagi, Osaka, etc
Employee dorm/ Tokyo, Shiga, Osaka, etc
Cooperated institution/ JTB benefit, Daiwa Royal, etc
Insurance: Social insurance/all kinds of social insurance(health insurance, employee's pension insurance, labor and disater insurance, employment insurance), property accumulation system, employee share holding association, system to support you buy a house, Shinkansen traffic
Training: New employee orientation training, new employee training by BU, OJT, personal computer training, English training, training by levels (junior empolyee, senior employee, new supervisor, new section manager, new department manager), leader raising training, self-enlightment correspondance education, all kinds of off-job lectures, oversea business training, etc

About the Employer:
Corporate Name: 株式会社ダイフク
Corporate Name in English: Daifuku Corporation
Main Business: Production
Type of Business: Machinery
Date of establishment: May 20th, 1937
Capital: JPY 1,5016,100,000 (by Mar 31st, 2016)
Sales: JPY 336,184,000,000 (by Mar, 2016)
Number of employees: 7,835 people (by group / by Mar 31st, 2016)
Average Age of Staff: 41 years old
Representative: Masaki Kitajo, President & Representative Director
Headquarters Location: Head office: Mitejima 3-2-11, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi / Tokyo head office: Shiba 2-14-5, Minato-ku Tokyo
Oversea Bases: Many related companies in U.S., Europe and Asia regions
Homepage: http://www.daifuku.com/jp/
Corporate Profile: Daifuku is the global maker who offers the "logistic systems"which are indispensible for our social life. With the backstage of all the industries (factory, logistic center and airport, etc) as our business field, we are contributing to the development of industries and societies in the world as an "unknown hero"

"Business content in detail"
■FA&DA business…the system for general manufacture industry and logistic industry(Factory & Distribution Automation)
We develop our business for the logistic field such as retail, wholesales, transporation/warehouse, etc including e-commerce, and the manufacture field such as food, medicine/chemistry, machine, etc. We combine all kinds of safekeeping system, classifying and picking system, transportation system, etc with automatic warehouse as a begin to provide the optimum logistic solutions to respond to the demands of customers.

■eFA business…the systems for semiconductor/liquid crystal production lines (e-Factory Automation)
We provide transportation/safekeeping systems for the clean room of the factories of semiconductor and liquid crystal panel which are indispensible to the products such as smart phone or tablet terminal ,etc. We are proud of being widely accepted by customers in North America, Korea, China and Taiwan, etc.

■AFA business …the systems for auto production line(Automotive Factory Automation)
We provide automatic and labor saving systems over the whole produciton line such as pressing/welding/coating/assembling, etc to the world auto maker such as Chinese and Korean companies, etc as well as Japanese companies and Detroit .

■ATec business…the systems for airport (Airport Technologies)
We provide a wide range of solutions such as automatic luggage check-in systems, security systems, inside airport equipment survilliance and control, etc with luggage transporation line spreading over the inside of an airport as a begin. Integrating with the group companies of U.S., U.K. and Newzerland, we are developing our business world widely.

■LSP business… Lifestyle Products
We are provding environment-conscious products such as gasoline stand, water saving and plant originated liquid for car dealer with main product as car washing machines. We own the top share in Japan and Korea.

■Electronic machine business
Contec, as our son company, is developing business such as personal computer, measurement control and network related products, etc. We are also engaging in the computer for digital signage, the measurement/control of solar engergy power generation.

"What is Material Handiling?"
"Material handling" are generally abbreviated as "Matehan".
This "Matehan" refers to the whole flow that raw material and products move inside a base of manfuacture industry and logistic
By well controlling this flow, you can not only improve the productivity but also reduce the meaningless cost, improve the level of quality management, push forward with inventory optimization, enhance the security and realize safety countermeasure.
Other supplementary company data: "We are doing this kind of business"
In the course of production process or distribution of all kings of products, what push the efficiency and simplification of operation forward and contribute to the cost-down and shortening of lead time are the material hanlding systems. Daifuku is keeping providing material handling systems with our own technology and solution applied and improved to a wide scope of markets such as all the manufacture industries like auto, electric motor, electronics, medicine, food, clothes, daily comodities, etc , and transportation, warehousing, distribution industry, etc in the past 76 years since we started our business.
"Main customers"
■Sales…INTEL CORPORATION, Samsung, Toyota, Samsung semiconductor communication.
■Sourcing…Nichiden, Sumitoto Densetsu, Shimato Industry, Sumitomo Heavy Machincce Sales
"Trading products"
3D automatic warehouse, AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle), chain conveyor, monorail transporation system, classifying and picking system, palletizing robot、rotating rack, movable rack, logistic machine, bolling and car washing machine, etc