OMRON Corporation

Target Area:
Area: ASEAN Countries
Recuitment Information:
Type of job recruitment: Non-Technical Position Technical Position
Name of job type: Marketing, sales, product planning, accounting, legal, HR, etc
Number of recruitment: 2
Business Content: ■ During 3 months after on-board (target):
・ Learn the values (company philosophy) cherished by OMRON Group;
・ Learn the basic behaviors as a social person, customer and business process in general, and have a good command of the basics to proactively perform in the business in the future. In addition, learn the importance and excellence to work as a team.
■ After 3 months since on-board (target):
・ For the staffs and every business line of our company, as one of the memebers, you shall specifically execute all kinds of global policies to realize the operation vision ""VG2020"" while cooperating with global sites and foreign regional headquarters, etc, and think about the improvement for the next step, while confirming the result.
・Take new businesses and responsibilities.
Career path, capabilities
&skills to acquire after on-board:
・The basic behaviors as of a social person who is reliable and proactive.
・The practices of the business in charge in the global business. (marketing, sales, product planning, accounting, legal, HR, etc)
・Basic practices of team management in all kinds of cultures world widely.
・In the future, it is possible for you to be responsible for the management of global headquarter or the management of a global site according to the capability and will of the person himself or herself.
Work place: Service at beginning Headquarter:Kyoto
After assignment, the main domesic bases in Japan besides Kyoto (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, etc) or an oversea base can also be an option.
Character Needed: We are looking for the talent who is tough and has the ambition to lead OMRON global in the future,
・The person who can understand the company philosophy and culture;
・The person who has the desire to do management in a global company;・The person who can accept all kinds of values, and play good teamwork even if there are all kinds of conflict among countries;
・The person who not only care about the result of individual but also the result of an organization;
・The person who can think positively and get over it even if put in a difficult situation
・The person who has a high English speaking level (you shall reach Japanese proficiency by daily conversation level before on-board)
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above   
Major: Not required
Area of Expertise: Not required
Level of Japanese : Not required
Supplement on language level: English: Above CET6/TEM4
Japanese: You shall reach Japanese proficiency by daily conversation level before on-board
Scheduled on-board date: To be updated
Interview Time&Place :
Recommendation for
graduated students:
Background for employment of global talents: Half of the revenue of OMRON Group is contributed by the regions outside of Japan, in addition, within the total number of group employees as around 39,000 people, 2/3 are foreign employees. Although OMRON Group has been developing its business globally as it is already, we still aim to further enlarge our business in the global market with the new long term operation vision ""VG2020"" for year 2020. The effort we are making in particular is the business expansion in the emerging markets, and we aim to make contribution to the development of emerging countries. In order to realize these, we are engaging in the enhancement on both the global headquarter and the local sites.
The key of enhancement is ""Talents"", in addition to the applying of excellent talents in every global site, in the global headquarter of OMRON, we are also aiming to apply the talents with high potential, who can proactively perform in the global market. One of the engagements is ""Work In Japan"".
OMRON is the company aiming to contribute to the global societies by fixing the future topices of society through its business. We are expecting the talents with strong will to be responsible for the global management and the management of local sites in OMRON in the future, who share the company philosophy and have dream and strong ambition.

Pay: JPY 272,300/M for doctor degree, JPY 234,000/M for the graduates, JPY 210,000/M for the undergraduates
Supplement on pay: Once a year for promotion (Apr)
Bonus: Twice a year (Jun, Dec)
Traffic allowance: Traffic allowance
Housing allowance: Yes
Monthly Housing allowance: According to company rules and regulations
Dormitory: Yes
Employee burdened amount
for dormitory/company house:
(With conditions of residence)
Work Time: 9:00~17:30  (Different by business offices or departments)
Flexible system: Yes
Vacation System: 2-day weekly vacation system (Sat & Sun), national holidays, GW, New Year's Holiday, Annual vacation days: 124 days (Y 2014), paid leaves (18 days for the 1st year, 25 days by max), special leave for marriage and funeral, etc
Welfare: Property accumulation savings, house financing system, share holding system, Free and Accepted Masons, single dormitary (individual room), company dorm, rest houses, contracted facilities, etc
Insurance: Complete in employment/labor and disaster/health/employee's pension insurance
Training: All kinds of training, e-learning, correspondance education, etc

About the Employer:
Corporate Name: オムロン株式会社
Corporate Name in English: OMRON Corporation
Main Business: Maker
Type of Business: Heavy electricity/Electrical machinery for industry use
Date of establishment: May 19th, 1948
Capital: JPY 64.1B
Sales: JPY 833.6B (Consolidated by Mar, 2016)
Number of employees: Non-consolidated: 4,408 people, consolidated: 37,709 people (by the end of Mar, 2016)
Enrollment of foreigners: 65 people (by May, 2015)
Representative: Yoshihito Yamada, President & Representative Director
Headquarters Location: Higashi-iru, Koji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Oversea Bases: America: U.S./Canada/Brazil/Others, Europe: Netherland/U.K./Germany/France/Italy/Spain/Others, Chinese circle: China, HK, Taiwan, South East Asia: Singapore/Korea/India/Australia/Others
Corporate Profile: ■OMRON Corporation
R&D/manufacture/sales of control machines, FA systems and electrnoic components, etc
 ●Control machines/FA systems - The system machines in the production field like factory, which support automation, labor saving and optimization
 ●Electronic components - The electronic components which are built in the household electrical appliances, etc
 ●Others - Environment business/electric machine business/micro device business, etc
■OMRON Group
In addition to the control machine business for factory automation, electronic components business for household electrical appliances/communication, OMRON also provides values to society in a wide range with "Sensing & Control" as the axil, such as vehicle electronic component business, social system business, health and medical machine business, etc.