Credit Saison Co.,Ltd.

Target Area:
Area: ASEAN Countries
Recuitment Information:
Type of job recruitment: Non-Technical Position Technical Position
Name of job type: Non-Technical Position
Number of recruitment: 2
Business Content: Card sales (individual/business), finance sales, credit counter business, planning and development for new products/services, marketing, receivables management, system development, system development/application, PR, general affairs, HR, accountant, etc.
Career path, capabilities
&skills to acquire after on-board:
Organations full of people with different characters and values provoking each other are stronger than ones where people with similar ideal gather. Starting from the view above, Credit Saison ignores traditional standards like education, gender, seniority, etc., and drive advanced talent stradegy like positive women employment, promotion and appointment of young staff. Besides, "open, frank, innovative" is our motto, we are building up such an enviroment that each of our staff could make the best of his/her motivation and idea, free idea exchange and challenging new things will be encouraged. Credit Saison will support everyone who is challenging self-actuallization and developing his/her career.
Work place: Domestic or overseas relocation is possible
Average over time per month: About 15 hours
Character Needed: Personality will be put more emphasis after the interview
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above   
Major: All departments
Area of Expertise: All departments
Level of Japanese : Daily Conversation
Supplement on language level:
Scheduled on-board date: April, October
Interview Time&Place :
Recommendation for
graduated students:
Background for employment of global talents: "Our target is ""Be an exclusively new finance company in Asia""

Taking advantage of being an independent enterprise, we build diverse partnerships across industries and scales, and collaborate to satisfy the customer better. In addition, utilizing know-how and resources cultivated in the card business so far, we have been expanding new fields such as finance business, net business, overseas business, etc. Credit Saison goes beyond the framework of the card business and will challenge ""to be an exclusively new finance company that exists in not elsewhere of Asia"""

Pay: Monthly pay is 222,900 Yen for Bachelor' degree
Supplement on pay: * Differs according to your assigned place. ※ Regional allowance (10,400 Yen) included
Bonus: Twice a year (June, December) * Performance linked, result in 2014 is 6.903 months
Other Example of Annual Salary: Example of Annual Salary (Average) :7,000,000 Yen (average of the 10th year)
Traffic allowance: Total amount
Housing allowance: Yes
Monthly Housing allowance: 70% of the maximum amount paid (3 years)
Dormitory: No
Employee burdened amount
for dormitory/company house:
What are included in dormitory:
Work Time: Modified working hour system for business division is introduced
Flexible system: Yes
Vacation System: "2-day weekly vacation system (Sat/Sun), (8-12 days a month,Annual vacation days: 124 days), annual paid leave, congratulational and mourning holiday,
Wellness leave, prenatal and childbirth vacation, child care leave, nursing care leave, etc. "
Welfare: "Property Savings, Employee Stock Opportunities, Contract Hotels, Various Contract Sports Clubs,
Activity support system (CANVAS), childcare leave system, short-time work system, open challenge (in-house public offering), route change system (job change system) etc."
Insurance: Employment insurance, workers' accident insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance
Training: Training by hierarchy (new employee training, mid-level employee training, manager training etc.), training by professional specialty (legal training), correspondence education, outside seminars, public qualification acquisition etc.

About the Employer:
Corporate Name: 株式会社 クレディセゾン
Corporate Name in English: Credit Saison Co.,Ltd.
Main Business: Service
Type of Business: Other services Credit service · Lease · Finance · Real estate related etc.
Date of establishment: May, 1951
Capital: 75,929,360,000 yen (as of March 31, 2016)
Sales: 36,590,000,000 yen (as of March 31, 2016)
Number of employees: 2163 employees (as of March 31, 2016)
Enrollment of foreigners:
Staff from Target Area:
Average Age of Staff: Age 36.3
Representative: Hiroshi Rinno, President and CEO
Headquarters Location: Sunshine 60 Bldg., 1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro 3-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6073, Japan
Oversea Bases: Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Singapore
Corporate Profile: Credit service business, leasing business, finance business, real estate related business, entertainment business
Other supplementary company data: """Advanced service enterprise"" - Create customer satisfaction with innovation -
As a ""advanced service enterprise"" that excites the world, we are constantly providing ""services that exceed expectations"" and ""services that overturn common sense."" Until now, we have been a pioneer in the industry to provide ""annual fee free cards"", ""signless payment"", ""permanent points"", ""brand prepaid cards"" that have been thoroughly making the world ""as nice as possible"". It is a service born from customer-oriented and innovative ideas. In addition, by leveraging the strengths of independent enterprise, we continue to create more advanced and innovative services through collaboration with various companies. In the future, we will continue to provide services that exceed customer expectations."