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Registering for WORK IN JAPAN

To complete your registration, please read and accept the following "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy"

WORK IN JAPAN   "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy"

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Article 1 (-WORK IN JAPAN-)

“-WORK IN JAPAN-” (the “Services”) collectively refers to various recruitment support services (defined in Article 3) supporting the members who have registered for the Services (“Members”, as defined in Article 2) engaging in recruitment activities for Japanese companies seeking workers (“Employers”) through the website (http://www.workinjapan.cn/,http://www.workinjapan.com.tw/,http://www.workinjapan.co.kr/,http://workinjapan.asia/main/: hereinafter, “Website”), etc., provided by Recruit Career CO.,LTD. (“RCA”) in cooperation with RGF HR Agent Affiliates .and employment placement business providers who are business partners of RCA (collectively, “Employment Placement Business Providers”, among RCA or Employment Placement Business Providers, the ones that provide recruitment placement service on by own are collectively “Employment Placement Agency” , defined in Article 2 Paragraph 2 and 3) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Article 2 (Members)

(1)The term “Members” refers to, among those students who are scheduled to graduate from university as new graduates and engage in recruitment activities, those who wish to obtain a job in Japan and have registered (the “Membership Registration”) their personal information with RCA, including their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, name of university, name of faculty and department, qualifications, and experience for the purpose of using the Services. The Members will be able to use the Services upon completing the Membership Registration.

(2)Upon a Member completing the Membership Registration for the Services, such Member shall be deemed to have agreed with all the contents of these Terms and Conditions, RCA’s separately determined “Personal Information Protection Policy” and “Regarding the handling of Personal Information”, and any other provisions or the like, separately presented by RGF Affiliates (“RGF”) (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Membership Agreement”).

RGF AffiliatesTerms and Conditions and Regarding the handling of Personal Information
RGF Select India Private Limitedhttp://www.rgf-select.co.in/
RGF HR Agent Singapore Pte. Ltd.http://www.rgf-hr.com.sg/termsandcondition
PT RGF HR Agent Indonesiahttps://www.rgf-hragent.asia/en/indonesia/termsofuse
RGF HR Agent Hong Kong Limitedhttps://www.rgf-hragent.asia/en/hongkong/termsofuse

(3)If a Member wishes to receive recruitment intermediary services provided by the Employment Placement Agency, the Member shall agree in advance with the Terms and Conditions of each of the Employment Placement Agency.

Employment Placement Agency Country
中国法人上海中智境外就业服务有限公司(Shanghai CIIC Overseas Employment Service Co.,LtdChina
CNP networks Co., LtdKorea
Myanmar International Business Training and Internship General Services Co.,Ltd,Myanmar
VIEENAM JAPAN LINK joint stock company Viet Labo Co.,LtdVietnam
Uniplan Overseas Employment, IncPhilippines

Article 3 (Contents of the Services)

(1)RCA, in cooperation with RGF, shall provide the following services to the Members:

1) Providing information regarding the Employers, including a summary of company, conditions for the job offer, and the like, on the Website (collectively, “Company Information”);
2) Implementing assessment, interviews, etc., by way of “Global SPI 3” provided by RCA;
3) Holding a joint company information session and an applicant screening session through the Employment Placement Agency, and/or the persons in charge of Employment Placement Agency, s, based on the results stated in item (2) above (“Event(s)”);
4) Adjusting schedules of meetings or interviews with the Employment Placement Agency, and/or Employers, and providing advice and other follow-up by career advisors;
5) Adjusting schedules for collective training sessions for those Members who are hired by the Employers;
6) Any other matters determined by RCA or RGF as being necessary for the performance of the Services.

(2)The Employment Placement Agency, shall provide Members with the following services:
1) Providing recruitment intermediary services to assist Members in obtaining jobs at the Employers;
2) Providing collective training sessions for the Members who are hired by the Employers;
3) Any other matters determined by the Employment Placement Agency, as being necessary for the performance of the Services.

(4)The Members agree in advance that all or part of the Services may not be available to them depending on the results of the assessments, or judgments, or the like, rendered by the Employment Placement Agency,.

Article 4 (Responsibility of Members and Handling of Personal Information)

(1)The Members shall complete the Membership Registration for the Services at their own discretion, and use the Services in accordance with the Terms of Membership.

(2)The Members shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the contents of the personal information and other information entered at the time of completing the Membership Registration; RCA and RGF shall not be responsible for any disadvantage caused to the Members arising from the contents of such information.

(3)RCA and RGF shall respect the privacy of the Members and pay meticulous care in its management of the personal information of the Members, and shall handle the personal information of the Members in accordance with the separately established privacy policy.

(4)In the event the Members are provided recruitment placement service by Employment Placement Agency as defined in Article 2, RCA shall be able to provide personal information of such Members to the Employment Placement Agency.

(5)The Members agree that RCA or RGF may correct, delete, or otherwise amend the personal information of the Members without prior notice if any request is made for correction, deletion or the like by a person who was sent a transmission containing errors in an e-mail address, telephone number, address, etc., included in the personal information registered by a Member.

(6)The Members agree in advance that RCA or RGF, both during and after the period of providing the Services, use the personal information of the Members for the purpose of improving their products and services.

(7)The Members agree that in the event any discrepancies occur or is likely to occur between the information notified by Employers regarding working conditions or any other information regarding employment contracts and the information notified by the Members throughout the recruitment process, RCA may confirm the facts to such Employers. In addition, even after the Members commence employment with the Employers, RCA may conduct surveys on departure conditions to such Employers based on the requirements of laws and regulations.

Article 5 (Matters Prohibited for Members)

The Members are prohibited from engaging in the following acts when using the Services:

(1)Providing false or inaccurate information to RCA,RGF, the Employment Placement Business Providers or Employers;

(2)Infringing upon copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, name rights, portrait rights, honor and/or other rights of others;

(3)Defaming or slandering any individual or organization;

(4)Engaging in any act that is, or is likely to be, in violation of the law or offensive to public order and/or morals;

(5)Using the information obtained through the Services for any profit-related purpose, or the like, other than the purpose of recruitment activities; or divulging or disclosing such information to any third party without the approval of RCA, RGF, or the Employers;

(6)Interfering with the provision or operation of the Services; or damaging the confidence and/or reputation of RCA, RGF, the Employment Placement Business Providers or the Employers.

Article 6 (Representation of Not Being an Antisocial Force)

The Member represents that, both at present and in the future, they are not and will not become an antisocial force (a crime syndicate, a crime syndicate member, a person for whom five years have not yet passed after ceasing to be a crime syndicate member, an associate member of a crime syndicate, a corporation associated with a crime syndicate, a sokaiya (corporate racketeer), etc., a political racketeer advocating social change, a special white-collar criminal group, or other persons similar to any of the foregoing), and that they have not and will not engage in any illegal acts, including any acts of violence, fraud, threat, or obstruction of business.

Article 7 (Expulsion from Membership)

If RCA deems that a Member has engaged in any of the following acts, or that a Member has engaged in any such acts in the past, RCA may temporarily suspend all or part of such Member’s use of the Services, or remove his/her membership from the Services, without prior notice to the relevant Member:

(1)If a Member violates any of the matters set forth in these Terms and Conditions;

(2)If a Member violates any representation set forth in Article 6 of these Terms and Conditions;

(3)If a Member interferes with the normal provision and operation of the Services, or engages in a threatening or violent attitude or behavior, or in acts of nuisance against other Members, RCA, RGF, the Employment Placement Business Providers, the Employers, or any persons involved in the provision of the Services;

(4)If, despite RCA’s provision of the Services, RCA or RGF deems that a Member will not engage in any act for recruitment, or has no intention of obtaining a job;

(5)If the Services have not been used for an extended period of time, or if RCA or RGF is unable to communicate with a Member for a certain period of time; or

(6)If RCA or RGF deems that it is extremely difficult to provide the Services for reasons other than the above.

Article 8 (Agreed Matters)

The Members agree to the following matters:

(1)All transportation expenses, and accommodation expenses, etc., necessary for a Member to receive the Services shall be borne by the relevant Member, unless separately determined by RCA or RGF.

(2)Since the Services are provided during a limited provision period and under a situation where there are only a limited number of people who will be hired by Employers, some Services may not be provided depending on the situation of the Membership Registration.

(3)RCA may provide part of the personal information of a Member while concealing the name or contact details of a Member to Employers (including Employers with whom the relevant Member does not have any intention of obtaining a job). As a result, if the relevant Employer wishes to interview the Member, RCA or RGF may contact the relevant Member to confirm whether such Member wishes to attend an interview with the relevant Employer.

(4)When the provision period of the Services terminates, Members shall not request RCA or RGF to continue to provide the Services.

(5)If requested to respond to any contact or the like from RCA, RGF or Employment Placement Business Providers a Member shall promptly respond thereto.

(6)Members shall immediately submit Certificate of Graduation and any other documents specified when RCA, RGF or Employment Placement Business Providers ask to do so.

Article 9 (Term)

(1)If a Member engages in any of the following acts, RCA may immediately terminate the provision of the Services.

1)If the employment of a Member at an Employer is achieved through the use of the Services, and the Member enters into an employment agreement with the relevant Employer;
2)If a Member informs RCA of the intention to terminate his/her use of the Services;
3)In addition to the foregoing items, if a Member and RCA consult with each other and decide to terminate provision of the Services;
4)If the business affiliation between the Employment Placement Business Providers is terminated, or the Employment Placement Business Providers discontinue recruitment intermediary services for the Employers;
5)If provision of the Services is discontinued due to force majeure.

(2)RCA may amend or temporarily suspend the Services without prior notice to the Members. In addition, RCA may terminate the provision of the Services with one month prior notice to the Members.

Article 10 (Exemption of Liability)

(1)The Members shall use the Services acknowledging that their use thereof does not guarantee their employment at an Employer, and that if there is any conflict with an Employer in terms of any employment condition and other contract contents, the Member shall settle the matter at its own responsibility and expense. In addition, RCA shall not assume any responsibility for any damage (being any disadvantage, including, without limitation, mental anguish, discontinuation of recruitment activities and other monetary loss) occurring to the Member due to the use of the Services; except for any damage due to the willful intention or gross negligence of RCA.

(2)RCA does not guarantee the uptodatedness, truthfulness, legality, security, appropriateness, validity, and meeting the expectations, or the like, of Members for the Services and the information, including the Company Information or the like, which the Members can obtain through the Services. In addition, the Members shall engage in recruitment activities including interviews with Employers or the like at their own responsibility and shall only enter into any employment agreement with the relevant Employer after directly confirming with the relevant Employer the employment conditions, etc.

(3)The Members shall take necessary procedures, both in the country in which the Members reside and within Japan, including the procedures for entering and leaving a country, at their own responsibility. RCA does not provide any guarantee for the possibility of entry into Japan, including the possibility of the Members obtaining the necessary visas (including, but not limited to, ensuring consistency between the relevant visa/residency status and the type of work to be performed).

Article 11 (Force Majeure)

(1)RCA shall not be liable for any cases of force majeure in which damage is caused by a computer virus that could not have been prevented by anti-virus measures required under normal circumstances, or in which the Members suffer damage due to natural disaster, enactment, revision or abolition of laws and regulations, governmental orders or instructions or any other reasons not attributable to RCA. RCA does not warrant that the information provided through the Services and the personal information of the Members will not be deleted or altered by such force majeure; the Members shall retain such information at their own responsibility.

(2)RCA may change or cancel the date or time on which an Event is held if any of the following occurs. In this case, RCA shall not be held liable for any damage incurred by the Members due to the change or cancellation in the holding of the Event.
(i) If there is any natural disaster, epidemic, war, riot, civil war, terrorism, strike, lockout, accident involving transportation or telecommunication lines, government intervention, enactment, revision or abolition of laws or regulations, administrative order or any other unavoidable circumstances due to force majeure not attributable to RCA; or
(ii) If Employment Placement Agency, deem that it is not appropriate to hold the Event.

Article 12 (Implementation of Questionnaires, etc., for the Members)

(1)RCA or RGF may conduct a questionnaire or the like relating to the Services with the Members.

(2)RCA or RGF may publish the results of the questionnaire in a form processed and edited so that it is not possible to identify specific individuals in its internal documents, proposals prepared by RCA or its affiliated companies, or on other information media or the like. In this case, all copyrights in the processed and edited results of the questionnaire shall be owned by RCA or RGF.

(3)The Members agree that they may be contacted or receive inquiries from RCA or RGF relating to the Services both during and after the period of providing the Services .

Article 13 (Amendment to Terms)

RCA may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The Members shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended Agreement upon the expiration of two (2) weeks after RCA posts the amendment to these Terms on the Website.

Article 14 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The Services and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan; any and all disputes arising in relation to the Services or these Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively submitted to the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

Article 15 (Survival)

Article 4, Paragraphs 2, 4, and 5, Article 5, Article 10, Article 12, Article 14 and this Article shall survive the expiration of the period of providing the Services set forth in Article 9.

Published on April 15, 2014

Amended on August 31,2017

Privacy Policy

RGF Hong Kong Limited. (“RGF”) shall respect the privacy of the persons (“Members”) who use “-WORK IN JAPAN-” (the “Services”), and shall manage the personal information of the Members (in accordance with the following definition) with meticulous care.

Personal information

Personal information means the information relating to individual Members which makes the relevant Member identifiable by name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, school name, other descriptions, etc.. Even if such information cannot identify the relevant individual Member by itself, such information is also classified as personal information if it can be easily combined with other information and thereby enable the identification of the individual Member.

Person responsible for managing personal information

Hong Kong: talent@findasia.com.hk
Taiwan: wij_taiwan@waku-2.com
Korea: wij_kr@waku-2.com
Other areas: workinjapan@r.recruit.co.jp

Amendment to the Privacy Policy

RGF may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time.