Regarding working conditions, items that are missing will be presented by the company when you receive the offer.

Glory Co., Ltd

Target Area:
Area: ASEAN Countries
Recuitment Information:
Type of job recruitment: Technical Position
Name of job type: Technical position
Number of recruitment: Approx. 3
Business Content: Research & Development design: new technology (system/sensor device) research, product design (machine design, electric design, software design) etc.,
Career path, capabilities
&skills to acquire after on-board:
To be updated.
Work place: "Head office/head factory Himeji City, Hyoko Prefecture,
Tokyo Headquarter, Chiyoda District, Tokyo"
Character Needed: People who could make independent thinking positively and challenge fearlessly,
who could fix difficult problem tenaciously,
who could respect various values, understand others and behave.
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above   
Major: Mechanical electrical electronic and information related fields
Area of Expertise: Mainly mechanical, electric/electronic, information processing department or graduate school
Level of Japanese : Daily Conversation
Supplement on language level: Mid-level of English.
Scheduled on-board date: April 2018 (further discussion for October entry is possible)
Interview Time&Place :
Recommendation for
graduated students:
Background for employment of global talents: In 1964, starting at attending the national office machinery exhibition, Glory expanded the business into overseas markets. Now, started with America, Europe and Asia, Glory has established local subsidiaries in various regions to expand to over 100 countries in the world market. In fact, Japan is one of the most leading country in currency processing machine. In the future, the same way as in Japan, needs for currency processing machine is expected to grow rapidly. Glory would put all technology and know-how cultivated in this leading Japanese company to provide each country with particular products fitting its own area features. In order to furtherly promote the overseas business, and to make a more smooth business operation with local company, we are engaged in employing people of various natinalities not only Japanese.

Pay: Monthly/daily pay Bachelor (201,500-208,500) Master (217,500-227,500)
Supplement on pay: *Depends on positions
Bonus: Basic salary of 5.68 months (result of Year 2015)
Other Example of Annual Salary: Example of Annual Salary (Average) :6,990,000 Yen (42 years old in average)
Traffic allowance: Commutation allowance, service-area allowance (0-7,000 Yen/ Differs according to your working place)
Housing allowance: Yes
Monthly Housing allowance: 15,000~60,000 Yen
Dormitory: Yes
Employee burdened amount
for dormitory/company house:
"Dormitory: till 25 years old; 6,000-10,000 Yen (Without housing allowance), 25-29 years old; 8,500-12,500 yen
Work Time: 8:30-17:15, fixed working time is 8 hours with 45 min relax time (sales and maintenance office: 8:50-17:35)
Flexible system: No
Vacation System: "Annual vacation days: 121 days (result of 2016) Sat. Sun. Holidays and New Year's Holiday etc.
Paid leave: 13-23 days when half a year passed after entry
Others: half day leisure, special rest(wedding/mourning/birth etc.), child-care leave etc."
Welfare: [Regulations] Selection welfare system, property system, employee stock ownership system, corporate pension plans, childcare leave system
Reduced working hours system for childcare, etc.

[Dormitory/company-owned house] Dormitory: till age 25:6,000 - 10,000 Yen (without housing allowance), age 25 to 29:8,500 - 12,500 Yen (without housing allowance), after age 30:total rent amount, or property market price (with housing allowance)
Company-owned house: total rent amount (with housing allowance)
Insurance: Health, Welfare Pension, Employment, Industrial Accident
Training: Education according to hierarchy/education according to positions/self-development, etc.

About the Employer:
Corporate Name: グローリー株式会社
Corporate Name in English: Glory Co., Ltd
Main Business: Manufacturer
Type of Business: Machinery
Date of establishment: November 1944
Capital: 12,892,940,000 yen
Sales: 226,952,000,000 Yen (as of Mar 2016)
Number of employees: 3244 ( 9093 consolidated) as of Mar 2016
Enrollment of foreigners: Around 3000 in the whole group
Average Age of Staff: 42 years old as of Mar 2016
Representative: President Hirokazu Onoue
Headquarters Location: 1-3-1Shimoteno Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture 670-8567 japan
Oversea Bases: Development and manufacture: China/Philippines; Sales and maintenance products: England/Italy /France/ Belgium/ Germany/ Holland/ Spain/Switzerland/ Portugal/ Russia/ Turkey/ America/ Canada/ Brazil/Colombia/ Mexico/ Singapore/ Australia / New Zealand / India/ Malaysia/China etc. (in no particular order)
Corporate Profile: Development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance for money processing machine (coin and bill counting machine, open cashier system, balance machine, auto-change register etc.), information processing machine, vending machine, card system, automatic service equipment etc.