Regarding working conditions, items that are missing will be presented by the company when you receive the offer.

Oji Holdings Corporation

Target Area:
Area: Singapore
Recuitment Information:
Type of job recruitment: Non-Technical Position
Name of job type: office‐related staff (overseas planning, overseas sales, overseas business etc.)
Number of recruitment: 1
Business Content: To operate overseas business (overseas business planning, overseas sales etc.)
Career path, capabilities
&skills to acquire after on-board:
After work in Japan at the head office for a certain period, you are supposed to grow up to a leader in overseas branches. Besides, you are expected to accumulate a wide range of knowledge and experience about our group business and take the responsibility to operate the business of our overseas office in the future.
Work place: Tokyo head office (Expected to work in Asia or overseas base (group companies overseas) in the future)
Character Needed: ・Always get inovative mind set, with energetic challenge spirit fearing no failure.
・Equipped with leadership and communication skill, willing to take the responsibility to make persistent efforts.
・Have your own opinion and thinking, make decision on your own.
・Please read our annual report and do some company research
・Before going to the interview, please read the newest press release as preparation.
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above   
Major: Major in economics finance accounting management and other financial related majors are prefered.
Area of Expertise: Major in economics, finance, accounting, management and other financial related majors are prefered.
Level of Japanese : Japanese level is not required.
Supplement on language level: Qualification is not required but business level is necessary. Interview will be in English.
"Before entering the company, you have to master Japanese in a daily conversation level.
(Before entering the company, you will go to language school with tuition charged to the company)
Japanese Daily conversation level
English Business conversation level"

Scheduled on-board date: April, September or October 2018
Interview Time&Place : 28 January 2018 in Singapore
Recommendation for
graduated students:
Background for employment of global talents: We are positively expanding our business in south-east Asia market where the customers’ needs are expected to increase greatly to sustain and develop our company in 21 century. To expand overseas business, able minded global talent is a necessary part.

Pay: Master/JPY 235,700; Undergraduate/ JPY 222,800
* Subject to change
Supplement on pay: Traffic allowance, domitory allowance, overtime work allowance, family allowance
Bonus: Twice a year (June, December)
Example of annual income of the 1st year: "25 years old (college degree)/annual income of JPY4illion/monthly income JPY240,000 (allowance included)+bonus(twice a year) * Overtime work payment not included"
Traffic allowance: Yes
Housing allowance: Yes
Monthly Housing allowance: Payment to householder: about JPY 20,000/month
Dormitory: Yes
Employee burdened amount
for dormitory/company house:
Dormitory (about JPY4,000-7,000/month paid by employee)/ Company-owned House (about JPY10,000-20,000/month paid by employee)
Work Time: Flexible time * Standard work time is 9:00-17:30
Flexible system: Yes
Vacation System: Fully five-day workweek (Sat & Sun off), New year holiday (4 days), holiday, annual paid holiday (14-20 days *differ according to the length of your sevice), refresh holiday, nursing holiday, etc.
Welfare: Retirement allowance system; employee stock ownership; dormitory for the single, company owned housing, health clinic, property accumulation savings system.
Insurance: Employment insurance, industrial injury insurance, health insurance, pension insurance.
Training: New staff education etc.

About the Employer:
Corporate Name: 王子ホールディングス株式会社
Corporate Name in English: Oji Holdings Corporation
Main Business: Manufacturer
Type of Business: Material manufacturer
Date of establishment: Feburary 1873
Capital: JPY 103.8 billion
Sales: JPY 1,439.9 billion (as of 2016)
Number of employees: 38,389 (at the end of Mar 2017)
Enrollment of foreigners: 18,676 (at the end of Mar 2017)
Representative: Susumu Yajima
Headquarters Location: 7-5, Ginza 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan
Oversea Bases: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, India, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil
Corporate Profile: "Oji group has been expanding the overseas business while purchasing globalization, with the sales from overseas making up over 28.2% of the total sales(2016). In the future, we are planning to accelarate expansion in packaging business, function material business, resource enviroment and paper diaper business mainly in new emerging countries and resource-rich countries like south-east asia, oceania and south America, aiming at overseas sales ratio up to 50% in the future.

In addition, the economic eviroment and society structure around our company are experiencing rapid and huge change due to the globalization and the development of ICT. In such a situation, with a corporation vision as ""facing the future above different fields"", Oji group are promoting business structure reformation on the basis of recognizing that ""we are no longer a paper manufacturer"", to achieve a sustainable development as a corporate group.

The consolidated operations in the group consist of a wide range of business from corrugated base paper, corrugated paper processing, white board paper, packaging paper, container and paper bag manufacturing, paper for residential use, housewares, newsprint, paper for printing、publishing and information industries, special paper, thermal paper, adhesive, film, wood work, pulp, energy. Furthermore, we devote ourselves in developing new business and new products, performing futuristic development in fields like biochemical, nano-materials, medical related fields where social needs will show an increase."