Regarding working conditions, items that are missing will be presented by the company when you receive the offer.


Target Area:
Area: Thailand
Recuitment Information:
Type of job recruitment: Non-Technical Position Technical Position
Name of job type: Engineer/ Management Trainee
Number of recruitment: 2
Business Content: 【Engineering Position】Development / production technology.

Work contents in the first year: After joining the company, participate in the training camp / introduction training, and after assignment, one year will support senior employees at OJT.
[Job content after the second year] It will be assigned to each technical department.

Example of our staff:
Together with sales, we will actively visit our engineers and conduct hearings of needs. Based on the numerous information gotten from it, I have developed a development theme with concepts not yet in the world. We reflect customer's voice further on that concept and decide the specifications while repeatedly examining details.

【Management Trainee】Overseas sales, domestic sales, general affairs, HR, accounting, management planning.

Example of sales staff:
① Market research / We will work closely with customers to discover needs, collect and investigate effective information, and create concepts along with design development.
② We brought drawings and prototypes produced by design - prototype / design development to our customers, and we heard further requests etc. Feed back to design development and make orbit correction.
③Negotiation of delivery date (start up production line ~ start mass production) / Confirm customer's outlook prospect and desired delivery date. We grasp production technology and manufacturing (factory) movement, share information inside the company about the necessary number and timing of mass production, and coordinate with customers.
④ Sales - After Follow / After expanding the recruit destination of products, etc., we will compile these order information and request increase of production to other departments. "
Career path, capabilities
&skills to acquire after on-board:
【Engineering Position】
Ability to acquire:
· Power to create new things
Ability to objectively organize and analyze
· State-of-the-art technology and knowledge of electronic equipment

【Management Trainee】
Ability to acquire:
· Ability to move and manage people
· Business skills
· Negotiation skills
Work place: Yokohama
Character Needed: · Those who can move business with a global perspective.
· Those who can find a job challenging and be able to work on jobs with responsibility
· Able to listen to humility obediently to the teaching of others
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above   
Major: All majors
Area of Expertise: 【Engineering Position】Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Material, Metal Engineering, Physics, or the related fields

【Management Trainee】All majors
Level of Japanese : None/ Fluent
Supplement on language level: 【Engineering Position】English (Business)
【Management Trainee】Japanese (Business), English (Daily conversation)
Scheduled on-board date: From April 2017
Interview Time&Place : 27 Jan 2018, Bangkok
Recommendation for
graduated students:
Background for employment of global talents: Our overseas business began in 1967, when we signed our first distribution agreement with overseas agency. We have steadily expanded our sphere of business since then, and now operate a sales network that links four main regions: Japan, Asia, America, and Europe, in addition to moving forward with the development of overseas production centers, so that we are able to meet international demand for connectors. We will continue to actively globalize our R&D function and strive to expand our world market share as a global brand.

Pay: Master's degree: initial salary 241, 200 yen/ month
Bachelor's degree: initial salary 217, 100 yen/ month
Bonus: Twice a year
Traffic allowance: Upto 70,000 yen/ month
Housing allowance: Yes
Dormitory: No
Work Time: 8:00-17:00(60min break)
Flexible system: No
Vacation System: Annual holiday 123 days (Saturdays-and-Sundays, public holiday holiday, GW vacation, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays), refresh leave system, childcare leave system, paid leave (Strart from 10 days)
Welfare: Retirement benefit, property savings system, employee stock holding meeting, health resorts (Hakone, Karuizawa, Inawashiro, Abe et al.)
Insurance: Social insurance
Training: New recruitment training (communication education, language education, introduction training, patrol training, follow-up training), management training, various skill-up training, language training, overseas dispatch system etc.

About the Employer:
Corporate Name: ヒロセ電機株式会社
Corporate Name in English: HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
Main Business: Manufacturer
Type of Business: High-performance connectors for applications
Date of establishment: 1 August 1937
Capital: 9,400 million yen (as of the end of March 2016)
Sales: 120,240 million yen (as of the end of March 2016)
Number of employees: 4,190 (as of the end of March 2016)
Enrollment of foreigners: About 30 people
Staff from Target Area: China, Korea, USA, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Germany, Ireland
Representative: President and representative director: Kazunori Ishii
Headquarters Location: Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Oversea Bases: HIROSE ELECTRIC (U.S.A.), Taiwan Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), HIROSE ELECTRIC SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. (Singapore), etc
Corporate Profile: The manufacture and sale of a wide variety of high-performance connectors for applications which include computers, peripheral equipment, terminal equipment, mobile/wired/wireless communications equipment, office automation equipment, consumer equipment, control equipment, and automotive uses.

Hirose 's technology lives in casual everyday life. Originally we started from industrial connectors with high degree of difficulty in the development, but in the last few years we have developed a variety of products from different fields such as mobile communication, communication infrastructure, computer, measurement and control, automobile, home amenity etc. Tthe performance and quality of Hirose over 50,000 products are highly appreciated in every area. We have distributors in 23 countries worldwide and have gained a high reputation from international companies and transactions with overseas account for about 70% of sales, which is a significant weight.
Other supplementary company data: 【Strengths】
Connectors are "intellectual parts", "innovative parts", "world parts". With such a concept, we will develop original products to anticipate the market.
Industry's top-class technology development capabilities (new product development aiming to exceed 35% of sales) and excellent management capabilities backed by a strong financial base
(Ordinary income margin ratio of 25.4%, capital adequacy ratio of 90.2%).

1. Securing earlier profits with connectors for new products and cutting down to the industry standard
2. Predict promising products in the future and develop them in advance. Send out the world as soon as possible and get the previous profits.
With these two strategies, innovative products demanded by market needs are born one after another.