1.Do I need to pay for registering as Recruit member and using the services?

We do not have any charges for the whole service. We bear the bills for visas, flight tickets and accommodations in our summer session.

2.Can I participate to the program despite what my major is?

Yes. We offer various positions to students from all majors. Please refer to our homepage for more details.

3.I don’t speak Japanese. Can I still participate in the project?

Yes. There are many employers from different areas looking for talents. Some of them have no requirement on Japanese. Please refer to our homepage for more details.

4.I am a foreign student. Can I participate in the project?

Yes. There is no restriction on nationality. However, we will confirm it if there is any bond during interview.

5.I am not a fresh graduate. Can I participate in the project?

Yes. Some of them may prefer to hire an experienced person according to their own demands. Please refer to our homepage for more details. Although, our project is more refer to fresh graduates so far, we still try our best to expand our business in order to provide more opportunities to the experienced applicants in a few years later.

6.What should I do if I want to update my information after registration?

Just re-login, you may keep updating your information. (Please note that Personal Information cannot be changed after registration, please make sure all the details are correct, especially the cell number and E-mail address.)

7.What should I do before the career talk?

Register on our homepage and upload your CV and photo. There will be a SPI test after the career talk; you may prepare some related exercise of logic test by yourself.

8.What is SPI test?

SPI stands for Synthetic Personality Inventory. It is applicable in most Japanese companies for recruitment. There are two parts including a Logical test(50min) and a personality assessment(60min). The language using in SPI is English.

9.What kind of language is used during the interview?

It depends on company themselves. Please refer to our homepage for more details.

10.Are there any training sessions after I got the offer?

Companies will arrange different courses for you base on their own requirements and your abilities.

11.Regarding the employment contract

You will have a contract with the company directly. If you pass the interview, you will get an acceptance letter first. If you intend to accept the offer, you have to sign a commitment.